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Saskia Kremer

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Saskia is a contemporary visual artist with focus on relief sculpture and figurative painting.

Her practice delves in visual explorations of human emotions, their multiplicity, expressions, origins and consequences. They are interpreted through the shapes and lines of the human form resulting in primarily monochromatic semi-abstract figurative arrangements. The "im-perfections" and organic formations of the natural stone she uses in her work, often impel her to investigate their potential for beauty and narrative thus fuelling her artistic curiosity and the need to explore the unknown. 

The relief sculpture/mosaic technique allows her to investigate the complexity and nuances of textured surfaces and experiment with a multitude of shapes and configurations in a contemporary manner through piecing together; combining/adding form, dimension, depth, pattern, light and shadow.

In her figurative paintings, Saskia’s interest is in the relationship between colour and shape and the interstices (the empty spaces) which together can portray the human shape in so many different way.

A life time interest in art, especially marble and stone sculpture originating in the ancient era of the Mediterranean (Cycladic and Etruscan), the pre-Columbian Americas as well as the 20th century modernism has had influence on her 2D and 3D relief sculpture and painting.

Originally from Slovakia (Bratislava), Saskia has lived in Australia for more than 20 years and commenced practicing art in 2014 from her studio located in the Blue Mountains, NSW. Most of the sandstone used in her artworks is also sourced from this area. Saskia is currently completing a Master of Art at COFA at UNSW. She is also a casual mosaic teacher at the Hughes Studio in Woodford. Her work has been exhibited in Australia and collected both in Australia and Europe. In 2017, she was awarded 3rd prize in the Royal Easter Show for her “Memory Metamorphosis” piece and was highly commended for “Terra” triptych at the National Exhibition of Mosaic Association of Australia and New Zealand (MAANZ).

Insta: @saskiakremer_art


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