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Michiyo Miwa

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Japanese ink painting called sumi-e or suiboku-ga in Japan is a technique that was first developed in China during the Sung dynasty (960–1274) and taken to Japan by Zen Buddhist monks in the mid-14th century.

I have been using this art form for more than 10 years.  Since we moved to the Blue Mountains 8 years ago, I have been trying to capture the essence of this magnificent environment with this art form. Initially, the challenge seemed to be too great. However, after having settled into my new environment, I started to think that I could tackle this difficult task bit by bit.

Sumi-e is the art of reduction. The aim is to express the essence of the object by stripping it back to the bare minimum.  Since the work is expressed in only black and grey tones of Sumi (ink), the hue of the paper plays an important role. I always use Japanese handmade paper because of its organic texture and also a feeling of collaboration with the nature of the actual medium.



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