The BMAN Board has agreed we should use a selection process to create an environment where the work which meets the criteria below gets exhibited. This selection process is part of encouraging artists to develop their career skills since similar approaches are used by other arts organisations.
The Exhibition Selection Process
  1. The selection process for inclusion into the exhibition will be conducted solely on the digital images provided by the artists.

  2. The selection panel will have three members. 

  • A chief selector who will be a recognized local artist of standing and will be independent, that is – will not be a member of BMAN and will not exhibit with BMAN.
  • The exhibition manager or another member of the BMAN board as nominated by the board.
  • A third member as advised from time to time and prior to the commencement of the selection process who may or might not be a member of BMAN.
  1. A digital image in accordance with the terms and conditions of the exhibition will be forwarded to the exhibition manager prior to the closing date & time for the exhibition.

  2. The images will be checked for compliance with the terms & conditions by the exhibition manager who will then collate the images for the panel. Images will then be provided to the panel with the artist names removed. In respect of the Grand View Exhibition, the Selection Panel will only be used if the number of Works put forward for inclusion in the Exhibition exceeds the number of available spaces.

  3. The panel members will vote independently as to the works to be included in the exhibition. A panel member may not vote for the inclusion of a work submitted by themselves.

  4. Inclusion of works within the exhibition is governed firstly by the selection process but may also be dependent on space available to the exhibition.

  5. The criteria the BMAN selection panel will use is based on a balance between three principles: 

  • Excellence of the works submitted. The works with most artistic merit will be selected.
  • Encouragement of promising artists. These will be entries from artists who show some artistic competence and promise. The goal is to be supportive of emerging artists.
  • Selection has to be inclusive of all art mediums. It will not focus on just, say painting, but will include sculpture, mosaics, etc.
  1. Works will be included in the exhibition in the following order

  • Works voted for by all three members of the panel
  • Works voted for by two members of the panel where one of those members is the independent selector
  • Works voted for by any two members of the panel
  • Works voted for by the independent selector.
  1. In respect of The Edge Exhibition, the independent selector will choose a maximum of three entries in the exhibition to be awarded as highly commended. The process for the selection of the award of highly commended will be advised prior to the commencement of the selection process.

  2. We want to encourage all arts mediums, such as mosaics and sculpture, etc.


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